Configure Your Stealth System

The Stealth System can be configured multiple ways depending on the shot you want to capture. 

  1. Select the main components.
  2. Add a Controller, the brain of the Stealth System.  If you want to record and playback moves, add the Stealth Recording Software, which offers a variety of other motion control functions (where the real fun happens!).
  3. Select the control inputs for your main components.
  4. If you’re using a camera head, add the Universal Mount and select your mounting options.
  5. Select the power and other accessories you’ll need for your configuration.

Questions about how to configure your Stealth System?  Reach out and we’d be happy to help!


The main components consist of the Stealth Mini Camera Head (2- or 3-axis), Track Dolly Motor Kit for horizontal movement, Lift Column for vertical movement, and 3-channel Wireless Lens Control.  Configure your Stealth System with one, some, or all of these components to create the shot of your dreams.

Stealth Mini Camera Head

A strong, quiet, wireless 3-axis digital remote head priced for everyday production


Track Dolly Motor Kit

Motorizes virtually any track dolly for perfectly repeatable horizontal movement


Lift Column

Provides 60 inches of servo-operated vertical movement


Wireless Lens Control

3-Channel Wireless Lens Control

Featuring the industry’s smallest and lightest FIZ receiver



The Controller is the brain of the Stealth System and is needed for any configuration that includes the Stealth Mini Head, Lift Column, or Track Dolly Motor Kit.  Used with the simple and intuitive Stealth Recording Software, you now have a fully functional motion control system with time lapse, stop motion animation, auto horizon, programmable limits, and many other features.


Real-time, on-the-fly setting adjustments at your fingertips


Stealth Recording Software

Surface Pro tablet with our proprietary motion control software



Select the input controls for your Stealth System based on the main components you’re using, and your style.  Don’t dismiss the Joystick – it may just surprise you.


A joystick like you've never used before


Pan Bar Adapter

Turns virtually any standard fluid head into an encoder-equipped system


2-Axis Hand Wheels

Wheels for pan/tilt or track/lift control


3-Axis Hand Wheels

Wheels for pan/tilt/roll



Using the Stealth Mini Camera Head?  You’ll need the Universal Mount to make it compatible with a range of mounting options.

Universal Mount

Makes Stealth Mini Camera Head compatible with various types of mounts


Mitchell Mount

Industry standard male Mitchell mount for the Stealth Mini Camera Head


100mm Half Ball

Industry standard 100mm half ball for mounting the Stealth Mini Head


Jimmy Jib Mount

Adapter for mounting the Stealth Mini Camera Head to a Jimmy Jib



Select power and other accessories to finish your Stealth System.

Control Cable

Supplies video, audio, data and power connections to the Stealth Mini Head


Power Station

Battery box with power connectors and trickle charger for supplying 12V power to the Stealth System


Dolly Frame

Dolly frame for use with the Track Dolly Motor Kit


9-Pin Mini DIN Cable

Connects FIZ to Controller


Financing Available

Motion Warriors offers financing for your Stealth System

Fast and simple: A quick application and a credit decision in a few hours for most transactions
Low-to-no upfront costs: No money down, deferred payment up to 90 days, and 100% financing options
Buying confidence: With pre-approval, you’ll know what you can afford to spend