Frequently Asked Questions

The AutoLeveler easily attaches to the chair, using the chair’s own electric tilt mechanism to automatically level the seat. Through our patent-pending technology, the AutoLeveler responds to changes in terrain and smoothly operates the chair’s tilt motor to automatically level the seat. No need to stop rolling to change modes or to adjust the tilt yourself, the AutoLeveler does it for you!

The On-The-Fly AutoLeveler is currently compatible with Permobil®, Quantum®, and and Action Trackchair®.  We are in the process of creating cable adapters to make the AutoLeveler compatible with other power wheelchairs and rehab seating, as well as other vehicles with powered tilting chair seats such as commercial lawn mowers and backhoes.  If your chair has a power tilting seat (not just a reclining back), we can probably create a cable customized for your chair or vehicle.  Learn more.

Heck yeah!  You can easily install the AutoLeveler in just a few minutes, and the process is nondestructive.  The only tool you need is a screwdriver; if you use wire ties to secure the cable, you’ll also need scissors or wire snips to clip the ends of the wire ties.  Check our our Videos page to see just how easy it is to install!

Nope. The AutoLeveler bypasses your chair’s controller and interacts directly with the seat tilt motor. Easy peasy.

No way! You can use your AutoLeveler with as many different chairs as you like as long as you have the appropriate cable adapter for each chair. You can also get a separate mounting bracket for each chair if you don’t want to move the bracket each time you switch the AutoLeveler between your chairs.

Yup.  If you and your chair can handle the terrain, so can the AutoLeveler!

The AutoLeveler is equipped with motor protection circuitry that will disable all power to the tilt actuator in the event that the actuator hits either forward or backward maximum tilt for more than a couple of seconds.  As soon as the chair is back within the actuator’s range of movement, the AutoLeveler will re-enable power to the tilt actuator.

This is something our engineers looked at carefully and the AutoLeveler was designed with actuator longevity in mind. Most chairs with a manual switch blast the actuator with full power. Our circuitry carefully meters the power to the actuator so it’s proportional to changes in grade, ramping the power up and down as needed rather than full on/off. We also have motor protection circuitry. So if anything, the AutoLeveler could actually prolong the life of the actuator!

The AutoLeveler has a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee (may be subject to 10% restocking fee)..

SSI is geared toward basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. It may help with the cost of a standard motorized wheelchair for everyday use. The AutoLeveler may also be covered if you have physical limitations that prevent you from safely operating that wheelchair.

We are currently seeking approval from various non-profit organizations for funding that will allow our customers to reduce or eliminate the cost of the AutoLeveler.  Stay tuned!

The AutoLeveler is equipped with power filters. When you connect the cable to your chair, a pop or spark may occur. That pop or spark is just the capacitor (basically a tiny battery) in the AutoLeveler charging when you connect to the chair’s power supply. This is normal and harmless!