About Motion Warriors

Founded in 2017, Motion Warriors creates products that offer freedom and independence to those disabled by birth defect, disease, injury, or military service, and provide more comfortable riding for a range of vehicles with powered tilting seats.

It all started when our friend, Jamison, got an Action Trackchair, only to discover he couldn’t use it like he hoped.  Jamison loves to do photography but has advanced muscular dystrophy, and can’t operate both the joystick and the manual tilt switch on his Trackchair.  Based on robotics he developed over 40 years ago, our lead engineer Steve David developed the On-the-Fly AutoLeveler for Jamison.  Now he’s able to take his Trackchair on trails that are “handicap inaccessible” and get some amazing photos. Check ’em out!

While we also do robotics for the movie industry, our Mobility Division focuses on developing tools to assist wounded veterans and disabled individuals to maximize their ability to get the most out of life. Our goal is to use the blessings we’ve received to be a blessing to others.

We’re proud to design, build, and support our products in the good ol’ U.S.A.!