Stealth Mini Head


A wireless 2-axis remote camera head ideal for social distancing requirements

The Stealth Mini Head is a compact, wireless complement to the original Stealth Head.  It features a high torque, high precision dual motor design that doubles the torque capability, is “stealth” quiet for open mic shoots, and improves precision for smooth, beautiful camera movement.  It’s equipped with high resolution encoders for precise, repeatable playback of recorded moves, and its wireless communication allows it to be operated from up to five football fields away (line of sight), allowing you to reduce the number of crew on set.




  • Encoder output for use with special effects software
  • Numerous connector options for video, audio, and power
  • Built-in power supply for camera power saves on battery weight and bulk
  • Accommodates small to full-size digital cameras
  • Can be operated with PT Handwheels, Joystick, or Pan Bars
  • 100 mm bowl, Mitchell (male), or Jimmy Jib mount
  • Pairs with other Stealth System components, including the Multi-Axis Recording Software


  • Rotation: ±360° pan / tilt
  • Speed: up to 120°/second
  • Power: 110V AC or any 12V DC battery source
  • Wireless: 16 channels, range of up to 5 football fields
  • Head weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  • Camera load: 60 lbs (27 kg)
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 20.3″ (52 cm)*
    • Height: 26.5″ (67 cm)*
    • Depth: 11″ (28 cm)*


  • Master Controller (required)
  • Option of Joystick, Handwheels, or Pan Bar Adapter
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