A joystick like you’ve never used before

The 3-axis Stealth Joystick is a breakthrough in control input technology, harnessing all the advantages of an analog joystick with the precision and stability of digital.  Designed for high precision control, it allows you to go from the slowest creep to full-speed smoothly and precisely.  Full dead-band adjustment allows you to determine your sensitivity off of rest position.

Unlike other joysticks, the Stealth Joystick is microprocessor controlled and actually emulates a digital encoder outputting A/B quadrature signals, making it ideal not only for motion control in the film industry, but outstanding for many types of automation and robotics applications.




  • 3-axis control for pan/tilt/roll or track/lift
  • Full dead-band adjustment
  • Calibration


  • 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Dimensions: