Real-time, on-the-fly setting adjustments at your fingertips

The Master Controller is the central hub of the Stealth System, serving two main functions. First, it provides real-time, on-the-fly damping and scaling for the Stealth Head, Lift Column, and Track Dolly Motorization Kit – no cumbersome menus to drill down through to make these adjustments.  Second, it interfaces with the Stealth Recording Software to enable recording of up to eight axes of the Stealth System.  Any configuration of the Stealth System will need the Controller in order to record and playback moves or execute time-lapse and stop-motion functions.



  • Interfaces with Stealth Recording Software
  • Make on-the-fly, real-time adjustments without having to drill down through cumbersome menus
  • Scale and smooth for pan, tilt, and roll; limit set, servo on/off/reset, panel lock
  • Pairs with handwheels or pan-bar controls



  • Master controller