Stealth Recording Software


Simply record, modify, and play back camera movement in minutes – without complicated key-frame programming

Instead of complex and time-consuming key-frame computer programming, the Stealth System features the intuitively simple Stealth Recording Software, which runs on a simple Windows tablet. One person can record and play back a full 8-axis camera move in just minutes, making it ideal for everyday production.




  • Intuitive interface to record and play back individual camera head, lens, dolly, and lift movements, similar to audio multi-track recording software, allowing operator to build 8-axis moves one or more axes at a time
  • Reverse, loop, and direct return (rewind) for frame-accurate repeatability
  • Encoder output for interfacing with special effects software (e.g., Lightwave, Maya)
  • Anti-flat spot function prevents dolly wheels from developing flat spots
  • Auto-horizon button for easy camera leveling
  • A recorded move is limited in duration only by available computer memory (approx. 12 MB per minute of recorded move)
  • Full 8-axis time lapse and stop-motion animation



  • 12″ Surface Pro Tablet with Stealth Recording Software (single user license)

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