Stealth Recording Software

Simply record, modify, and play back camera movement in minutes – without complicated key-frame programming


Instead of complex and time-consuming key-frame computer programming, the Stealth System features the intuitively simple Stealth Recording Software, which runs on a simple Windows tablet.  One person can record and play back a full 8-axis camera move in just minutes, and can be used for time-lapse and stop-motion.  Encoder outputs enable you to interface with special effects software.  With simple operation and a full feature set, the Stealth Recording Software makes the Stealth System so ideal for everyday production as well as specialty shots.


How does it work?

Based on the concept of multi-track audio recording, each axis of the Stealth is recorded as a separate track.  For example, hit the record button, then use the hand wheels to make your dolly move, hit the stop button at the end, and you’ve just recorded your move.  Hit the reverse button to return the dolly to its initial position, hit the playback button, and it will replay the dolly move you just recorded.  As it plays back, you can add the lift move, as so on until you have a full 8-axis move created by one person in just minutes.  Record one or more axes at a time, and recorded and live motion can be mixed, so you could record dolly and lift and play back that move while controlling the camera head and FIZ live to better track actors.  If a track doesn’t look right or quite hit its mark, you can re-record it as the other axes play back.  It’s so easy, an 8-year-old can do it (seriously, we’ve had an 8-year-old use it).  



  • Intuitive interface to record and play back individual camera head, lens, dolly, and lift movements, similar to audio multi-track recording software, allowing operator to build 8-axis moves one or more axes at a time
  • Reverse, loop, and direct return (rewind) for frame-accurate repeatability
  • Runs on a Windows tablet (see specs below)
  • Encoder output for interfacing with special effects software (e.g., Lightwave, Maya)
  • Anti-flat spot function prevents dolly wheels from developing flat spots
  • Auto-horizon button for easy camera leveling
  • A recorded move is limited in duration only by available computer memory (approx. 12 MB per minute of recorded move)
  • Full 8-axis time lapse and stop-motion animation


Tablet minimum requirements

  • Surface Pro 3 with 12” touch screen and Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel Core i5 processor (2.5 GHz)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 USB 3.0