Pan Bar Adapter


Creates an encoder-equipped fluid head for a fraction of the price

While hand wheels are a more traditional method for controlling a camera head, some operators may prefer the more intuitive pan bars.  But controlling a remote head requires a special encoder-equipped fluid head, which costs serious money.  With the patent-pending Pan Bar Adapter, you can turn virtually any basic fluid head into an encoder-equipped version for a fraction of the price.  The adapter clamps to the fluid head, and provides a mount for your  Controller, tablet for Stealth Recording Software, and monitor.




  • Patent-pending universal adapter turns virtually any standard fluid head into an encoder-equipped system
  • Compatible with most Sachtler fluid heads and many other standard fluid heads
  • Intuitive/organic camera control
  • High resolution digital optical encoders
  • Bracket for mounting Master controller, tablet, and monitor
  • Can also mount handwheels and wireless lens control



  • Encoder resolution: 5000 CPR



  • Pan Bar adapter
  • Monitor mount with 100×100 VESA mount
  • Tablet clamp mount
  • Extension arms