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Our Mobility Division, launched in 2019, creates products that offer freedom and independence to those disabled by birth defect, disease, accident, or military service, and provide more comfortable riding for a range of vehicles with powered tilting seats.

Our flagship product is the Jamison On-the-Fly Autoleveler, a plug-and-play device that automatically self-levels the seat on Action Trackchairs.  It’s incredibly simple to install and use, and handles rugged terrain like a champ.  We’re also developing adapters to make the Autoleveler compatible with other powered wheelchairs.



How does it work? 
The On-The-Fly Autoleveler easily attaches to the chair, using the chair’s own electric tilt mechanism to automatically level the seat.  Through our patent-pending technology, the Autoleveler responds to changes in terrain and smoothly operates the chair’s tilt motor to automatically level the seat.  No need to stop rolling to change modes or to adjust the tilt yourself, the Autoleveler does it for you!

Can I use it with my chair? 
The On-The-Fly Autoleveler is currently compatible with Action Trackchairs®.  We are in the process of creating cable adapters to make the Autoleveler compatible with other powered wheelchairs and rehab seating, as well as other vehicles with powered tilting chairs such as commercial lawn mowers and backhoes.  Please contact us if you’re interested in having an Autoleveler customized for your chair or vehicle.

Is it easy to install? 
Heck yeah!  You can easily install the Autoleveler in under 5 minutes.  The only tool you need is a screwdriver.  Full installation instructions video.

Do I have to program my chair’s controller to work with the Autoleveler? 
Nope.  The Autoleveler bypasses your chair’s controller and interacts directly with the seat tilt motor.  Easy peasy.

I have more than one motorized wheelchair.  Do I have to buy a separate Autoleveler for each chair? 
No way!  You can use your Autoleveler with as many different chairs as you like as long as you have the appropriate cable adapter for each chair.  You can also get a separate mounting bracket for each chair if you don’t want to move the bracket each time you switch the Autoleveler between your chairs.

What’s up with the pop or spark when I connect the Autoleveler cable to my chair? 
The Autoleveler is equipped with power filters.  The pop or spark is just the capacitor (basically a tiny battery) in the Autoleveler charging when you connect to the chair’s power supply.  This is normal and harmless!

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