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The On-the-Fly AutoLeveler

The On-the-Fly AutoLeveler, a plug-and-play device that automatically self-levels the seat on power wheelchairs.  It’s incredibly simple to install and use, and handles rugged terrain like a champ.  In addition, we’re developing adapters to make the AutoLeveler compatible with more power wheelchair brands, as well as other motorized vehicles like commercial lawnmowers and backhoes.


  • The AutoLeveler responds to changes in terrain and smoothly operates the chair’s tilt motor to keep your seat at a safe and comfortable angle.
  • The AutoLeveler compensates for changes in your speed so you’ll feel more secure in your chair as you accelerate and stop.   Inertial compensation leans you forward slightly as you accelerate so you won’t feel like you’re going to tip backwards, and leans you back slight as you stop to keep you in our seat.
  • Our patent-pending design withstands bumps, rugged terrain, and temperature extremes so the AutoLeveler always maintains calibration.  Anything you and your chair can handle, the AutoLeveler can handle too.


  • Set your chair’s seat at an angle that’s comfortable for you, and the AutoLeveler will maintain that angle – whether you’re tackling hilly terrain or riding in a vehicle, no more having to use manual controls to adjust your seat’s angle.
  • The AutoLeveler easily attaches to your chair – installation is non-destructive and takes only a few minutes.
  • NEW!  The USB jack allows for fast on-the-fly phone and device charging!
  • The AutoLeveler can be installed on a Permobil, Action Trackchair, and other brands that offer a power tilt seat (see FAQs for compatible models), and with a custom cable for each chair, one AutoLeveler can be used on multiple models.


  • NEW!  The remote switch jack allows you to use a third-party switch to turn the AutoLeveler on and off, giving you the freedom to mount the AutoLeveler to more places on your chair and control it based on your individual needs.
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The AutoLeveler includes a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.*

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*30-day money-back guarantee subject to Return Policy.